Echinacea phenology

Research on the consistency of flowering phenology in a perennial plant

Vegetation in prairie strips

Masters thesis work on community ecology in agricultural landscapes

Checking our palette for colorblindness

In my last post, I had some fun and made prototypes of color palettes based on off prairie plants. If I ever get around to making these color palettes into something more, like a package, I’d want to ensure they are color-blind friendly. This led me to try out Claire McWhite and Claus Wilke’s package colorblindr on my palettes. One of the functionalities of colorblindr is that it can display plots as they would appear to a colorblind person.

A prairie color palette

I’ve been inspired by other R packages that have created color palettes based on living organisms. Naturally I decided to try to make a color palette using prairie species. I want to note right away that I didn’t do anything fancy when choosing colors. I merely used the instant eyedropped tool to hover over different pixels in my photos and wrote down the hex codes. Obviously colors will vary based on lighting and shading.